Upholstery Reupholstery


Soft Furnishings

Today, our firm plays a vital role in interior decorating. Many elegant homes display vintage furniture. We ensure sofas, armchairs, divans, footstools, and headboards remain stylish. Our talented London based upholsters help refurbish these pieces.

Save Money and Time

Imagine the pain of someone who has invested in a fine quality furniture ensemble, when an accidental tear or permanent stain causes damage. Replacing an entire piece of furniture due to a chance injury proves expensive! In this situation, it usually makes far more sense to request skilled reupholstery service; our company specialises in this field. We believe we offer the best upholstery and reupholstery services in London!

Measurements and Fittings

We’ll visit a customer’s home to evaluate the condition of damaged upholstery. Ask us to bring along samples of available replacement fabric selections. We do everything possible to help match designs and colors to accommodate the needs of our customers. Our team understands the importance of supporting interior decorating goals. Sofa Upholstery Company offer soft furnishings measurement and fitting services in the UK.

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