Sofa Cushion Replacement

Did your chair or sofa cushions start sinking and sagging? Let us replace your old couch cushions. We provide sofa cushion replacement, restuffing and refilling services in the UK.

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Cushion Refilling & Restuffing

Whether your cushions were filled with feathers, foam or synthetic fibres, we can fill them up. Our specialists can also provide stylish new cushion covers in any shape, size and pattern. We promise, sitting down will be a pleasure again!

Flat Cushions

There is no need to replace your suite when your cushions have gone flat. Simply get made to measure cushion inserts to fit your covers, choose a filling to your budget and comfort and slot your new cushions straight into your existing covers, transforming your sofa back to its original state.

Caravan Seating

You love your caravan. It’s a home from home that lets you travel wherever you want without the expense and inconvenience of hotels. But if your caravan seating becomes uncomfortable, it can quickly lose its appeal. We love caravans too. That’s why we specialise in creating beautiful caravan seating. It’s made to measure, and designed to last without sagging.

Contact Sofa Upholstery Company

Are your cushions letting you down? What used to be comfortable is now flat and unforgiving? Don’t spend ten minutes trying to plump them up, phone Sofa Upholstery Company. We turn your old cushions into luxury cushions.

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